Welcome to the website of the Hampshire/Franklin Baseball Umpires Association.  The HFBUA registers, instructs, and certifies umpires for scholastic baseball games in Franklin and Hampshire counties in western Massachusetts.  Also, HFBUA umpires preside at tournament games conducted by the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association and the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council.  Finally, HFBUA umpires work the games of many local summer leagues.


The Hampshire/Franklin Baseball Umpires Association is one of the sixteen organizational members of the Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association.   The MBUA is an institutional creature of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association.  In turn, the HFBUA observes the rules and regulations of the MIAA.  Also, the HFBUA is subject to the codes of the Pioneer Valley Interscholastic Athletic Conference, or PVIAC, which organizes scholastic sporting activity in Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties. 


Presently, the HFBUA consists of seventy-seven umpires.  During the 2015 season, these officials supervised more than 800 scholastic baseball games. Approximately thirty HFBUA members have officiated scholastic games for ten years or more.  One HFBUA member is an NCAA umpire.  Eleven members of the association officiate another scholastic sport.  

Presently, fifty members of the HFBUA reside in Hampshire County, twenty live in Franklin County, and seven dwell in neighboring communities.  The Association's membership includes several undergraduate students at the University of Massachusetts.  However, all members of the HFBUA umpire games in both of the counties served by the group.


The HFBUA serves the teams of twenty-six schools in Hampshire and Franklin counties.  Thirteen of these institutions are located in Hampshire County and thirteen are situated in Franklin County.  Twenty-one of these schools are public institutions and five are private. This group features three coeducational boarding schools and and a boarding school for middle school boys.  Also, the educational institutions of the area include two technical high schools and a charter school.

While the schools served by the HFBUA compete at all levels of interscholastic baseball, half of the educational institutions in the area compete in Division III of the MIAA.  The teams of Northfield-Mount Hermon School and Deerfield Academy compete in the A Division of the Western New England Prep School Baseball League, a member of the NEPSAC.  The Williston Northampton School plays in the B Division of that League.  Also, Amherst High School and Northampton High School participate in Division I public school activity. 


The HFBUA presents two annual awards to members of the scholastic baseball community in Franklin and Hampshire Counties.  The HFBUA Sportsmanship Award is presented to the coach and team who combines best excellent play and the good spirit of sporting competition.  Also, the Association recognizes annually the best student- athletes among area ballplayers by the presentation of George Perry Scholarship Fund awards.  Typically, four youngsters are selected to receive a $500 grant to underwrite the cost of college expenses.


Candidates for HFBUA membership must attend an instructional course, pass an entrance examination, and participate in training sessions.  Customarily, the HFBUA instructs new umpires during January, February, and March of each year.   Instructional classes are conducted on Sunday evenings from 6PM until 8PM at the Deerfield Elementary School.   The cost of the instructional course is $50.  Candidates are provided a rules book and an umpire's manual. 


The Scholastic Commissioner for the Hampshire Franklin Baseball Umpires Association is Andrew Rogers. Andy can be reached at 413 374-2954.   His email address is aroj18@hotmail.com.

The President of the HFBUA is Carl Bryant.  Carl can be reached at 413 250-5955.   His email address is carlbryant28@aol.com.  

Artie Burke is the Secretary/Treasurer of the association.  His telephone number is 413 863-2452 and is email address is aeburke11@verizon.net. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Hampshire/Franklin Baseball Umpires Association, please, contact Andy Rogers, Bruce Guerin, or Artie Burke.